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The Best Shopping Cities in the World


The world has more than a few shopping meccas that every fashionista should visit. Renowned for their refined styles and extraordinary selections, these shopping destinations are really crème de la crème of the fashion world. So, if you’re ready to go on a shopping spree around the world, here’s your travel list.


As the city of fashion, Paris features extraordinary boutiques and high-end stores with chic collections of most recent trends. As you visit the famous stores along Montmartre, you’ll discover both history and style as these lovely boutiques have been present on the Parisian fashion scene for decades. If you want to soak in the splendour of Paris’ fashion, you should visit the Boulevard Haussmann and Belle Époque department stores, one of the most stunning shopping meccas in Paris. Considering the amount of stores and shopping centers that awaits you in this beautiful city, opting for great accommodation in Paris is a must, since you’ll be staying there for a while.


London is undoubtedly one of the world’s most popular shopping destinations, featuring both international brands and British local designers. From stunning chain stores to posh boutiques and stylish vintage stores, London’s shopping scene will awaken the shopaholic in you. Offering more than 300 stores, Oxford Street with Harrods, the city’s shopping landmark, is a must-see shopping destination in London.

New York

As the shopping capital and one of the cities that have transformed the world’s shopping scene, New York is yet another fashionistas’ haven. Featuring a range of different styles, high-end boutiques, as well as smaller stores, New York definitely has something for everyone. Barneys, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s, Gucci, Valentino and Alexander Wang are just a few stars on the New York’s fashion scene.


Tokyo is an aspiring shopping destination with stunning stores on almost every corner. The most recent shopping zone opened around the Toranomon Hills towers, featuring chic restaurants, intimate coffee shops and stunning shops. Its shopping malls and boutiques hide both international and local brands in different styles. Other shopping areas that you shouldn’t miss include the Kappabashi-Dori, a high-quality cookware market, and the trendy Harajuku district.


A truly authentic shopping experience awaits you in Dubai, a home to astonishing shopping sanctuaries. The Dubai Mall is one of the most extraordinary shopping sites in the world, offering a range of different stores, activities and events to its visitors. In Dubai, you can find stunning boutiques, chic restaurants and engaging activities under a single roof. Even the city’s airport has gained a reputation for being a high-end shopping spot, featuring brands like Chanel and Hermès.


Widely known as the fashion capital, Milan boasts one of the most enticing fashion scenes in the world. However, with new trends and younger markets emerging, Milan has embraced the new ways of the fashion world. One of the city’s most mesmerising shopping locations is Excelsior, which is nestled in a former cinema by the Galleria del Corso. At Il Salvagente, you can find affordable last season’s collections, while you can discover enticing designer items at the Papiniano flea market.


As one of the most popular destinations in Australia, Sydney is home to the most recent trends, enticing shopping streets and extraordinary stores. The Pitt Street Mall is the city’s shopping hotspot, housing international brands, such as Topshop, Gap and H&M, as well as national gems, including Country Road, Sportsgirl and Sheike. At the Queen Victoria Building, you can admire both the architecture and the high-end collections, while at the World Square you can both shop and dine in style.

Whether you’re looking for high-end collections or affordable bargains, these shopping meccas will meet your heart’s desires.