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The 10 Best Things to Do in Canberra


Canberra, the capital city of the Land Down Under, is one the most beautiful places on Earth. Unfortunately, Canberra is often overlooked because of its cousin to the north, Sydney. As you can imagine, for the majority of people, Sydney is the go-to place in Australia. Sure, it’s a gorgeous city with a ton of things to do, but that doesn’t mean that places like Canberra are not worthy of your attention. So, if you plan to visit something else besides Sydney, we recommend Canberra; and here is ten fantastic reasons why to do it.

National Museum of Australia

First, you should visit the National Museum of Australia. The whole city of Canberra has amazing architecture, and the National Museum is a leading example. In the museum, you will find exhibits on the Aboriginal culture, Australian gold rush period, history of migration, and much, much more. The museum is located on the Acton Peninsula on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin.

Skydiving over the city

If you feel a little bit adventurous and you want to see Canberra from a unique view, then we recommend going on a skydiving adventure. There is nothing more thrilling than free-falling over this beautiful city. The best part, you won’t have to dive too far from the city, the Canberra skydiving club is just a five-minute ride from the city centre.

Horseback through the Australian countryside

Canberra is not just an urban city; there is breathtaking countryside all around it as well. One of the best ways to sightsee some of the rural areas of Canberra is to experience it from horseback. North of the city, there is a 3,500-acre property called Burnelee Excursions on Horseback that offers this type of excursions. Interact with sheep and other cattle or just watch Australia’s wildlife; regardless of your choice, both are great ways to spend an afternoon.

Road trip to Jenolan Caves

Jenolan Caves are quite a bit north of Canberra, a 3-hour ride to be more precise. However, they are worth the visit. This unique natural site is ideal for people looking for some action during their vacation. You can go deep underground and explore caves or hike through lush green valleys.

Just an FYI, Jenolan Caves are closer to Sydney than Canberra. So, you can grab a ride to Sydney and rent a car to the caves from there, or even stay for a day or two in the Harbour City. After that, you can hire a direct Sydney to Canberra bus, and you will be back in the capital in less than four hours.

Visit Lake Burley Griffin

You cannot visit Canberra without going to Lake Burley Griffin. The lake is located right in the centre of the city and you can go on a bike ride, run, and even set up a picnic on the shores of the lake. However, we recommend going on a boat ride and visiting any of the six islands on the lake.

Australian War Memorial

Another impressive piece of Canberra architecture is the Australian War Memorial. This Byzantine-style monument is probably one of the most popular tourist attractions in Canberra. The building was completed during WWII, and it honours Australia’s fatalities during the war.

Go to the Mount Ainslie Lookout

Mount Ainslie Lookout is the city’s most popular vantage point. The lookout stands 843 meters tall and you will need to hike, bike, or ride a 2-kilometre trail to reach the top. From there, you will be able to see the whole panorama of Canberra.

Hike through the Australian National Botanic Gardens

Australian National Botanic Gardens are located one kilometre to the west from the city centre. The gardens hold all popular Australian plant species. The highlight of the gardens is, without a doubt, the Rainforest Gully. Even though you won’t see Australia’s wildlife, the gardens are home to some beautiful bird and butterfly specimens.

National Zoo & Aquarium

While the Botanic Gardens is the place to meet Australian flora, the National Zoo & Aquarium is where you should go if you want to see Australia’s wildlife. Of course, the zoo is also home to some foreign species like lions, tigers, cheetahs, and so on. Besides the land animals, the zoo hosts a massive number of water creatures, from sharks to crabs.

National Gallery of Australia

Finally, for all you art lovers, we recommend visiting the National Gallery of Australia. The gallery is located on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin and hosts various works of art, from oil paintings and drawings to sculptures and photographs; a true heaven for high art enthusiasts.

And that is all that we have prepared for today. Canberra offers so much more, but these ten things are without a doubt the highlights of the city and its surrounding area. So, the next time you schedule a visit to Australia, consider stopping by this marvellous city, and not just Sydney.