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Packing Essentials for Malaysia


Whoever’s got the time (and money!) to travel around the world probably already knows that treating yourself to something as wonderful as getting familiar with new places and cultures as well as meeting new people who are (usually) absolutely different than everything you’ve known up until then, is the best thing you can do for yourself. Indeed, traveling is so much more than just sightseeing; it is an ongoing change, profound and permanent, in the way of living, loving and breathing.

Traveling to Malaysia might be one of the best decisions you’ll make in your lifetime. Visiting this glorious place will allow you to see many marvelous sites and experience such an overwhelmingly rich culture that you’ll probably remember it till the rest of your days. However, this destination is a little tricky to tackle; getting there is one thing (and may not be that difficult to pull off), but bringing all the essentials with you is something else entirely. What you should also consider is avoid going to Malaysia during the summertime ‒ unless you are used to tropical temperatures, obviously. January and February are your best bet, since the weather is most enjoyable during these months and you won’t have to deal with the local rain that, in all honesty, could ruin your vacation.
Back to the essentials for the trip – we’ll list out what we consider to be the most important things to bring, which will hopefully help you out with your choices. 

What to wear?
If you don’t want to be cooked alive, make sure to bring clothes that are made of breathable fabric, cotton being your best choice. Also, make sure to pack a lot of sandals and flip-flops, or your feet will be boiling in your everyday shoes. The more light and breathable, the better. You can never have enough of the beautiful gypsy dresses, they are comfortable and look great in the photos.

Mosquito repellent?
Just like any other tropical environment, Malaysia too can be difficult when it comes to dealing with pesky flying insects. Even though there are plenty of industrial mosquito repellents to choose from, it is better to opt for natural remedies. In the long run, some mixtures can even benefit your skin (and you don’t want to get any allergies in a foreign land).

Dealing with rain?
Malaysia is often showered by rain that stops as quickly as it starts, which is why you should never leave your room without a good umbrella. This is especially useful if you want to explore the jungles and forests. Although, you can fully enjoy trekking in the wild if you like the rainy weather.

What to explore?
Some people enjoy the quieter side of Malaysia and if you are one of them ‒ you want to kick back and relax by visiting Langkawi, Malaysia’s tropical paradise. The beautiful sandy beaches with pristine clear waters will lure you in a heartbeat. However, don’t forget to bring a high-factor sunscreen or you will have to spend the next few days inside, in pain.

Modern Malaysia?
Even though there is a lot Malaysia can offer in the outdoors, you should not forget to visit the heart and pride of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. With a plethora of shopping malls to choose from, it is often hard to find the right mall and not get lost in all that splendor. However, the Central Market with old buildings dating a few hundred years back is certainly worth the ticket! If you even need a second opinion whether you should go, we say ‒ go travel and see the hidden beauties of Malaysia without a pinch of a doubt. Oh, and in this case, the essential thing to bring is MONEY as the malls are pretty expensive and we kind of have a feeling you’ll want to buy yourself a little something, right?

Carry-on bag?
Do not forget to pack your essential documents and a bottle of water. After all, drinking water in a new environment can be strenuous on your body, leaving your stomach irritated. Pack your prescription drugs too if you want to avoid the higher costs of drugs or running out of your dosage in the middle of nowhere.