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Leaving Pets Behind While on a Vacation


We all love our pets as if they are our own children, but when vacation time comes, managing them is yet another worry we have to deal with. Pets require extra care on vacations and taking them with you is usually not possible due to hotel policies (pet-friendly hotels are still too few and far in between). Additionally, the climate of the region you will visit might even be detrimental for your pet’s health. In order to have a carefree adventure, here’s what leaving pets behind while on a vacation entails.

General preparation

The good news is, there is nobody who can assess your pet’s needs better than you. It’s not only about the variety of pets you have, it’s about their different and unique personalities. This means some will handle the separation better than the others.

The most important thing is to find a person you can trust to take care of your pet, but it’s also important that this person has enough free time on their hands and they are also someone your pet potentially knows. Family members are the best candidates here. If you have lively grandparents who have a lot of time on their hands, they are actually the perfect choice. Parents, siblings or friends can also be good pet sitters.  

Just make sure to create a detailed list of things that are essential for the pet’s keeper to know about – from food, their favorite location in the household, eating habits to special needs that need to be addressed. Additionally, prepare a lot of (chewing) toys so your pets don’t make a mess in your home while you are away.

Medical examination
Take your pet to a veterinarian before you leave for a vacation and make sure everything checks out. A thorough flea control for dogs and other domesticated fur balls prevents health issues that can plague both your pets and your family. Dermatitis, bacterial infections and allergic reactions are all common consequences of flea and tick infestations.

Having your pet vaccinated and given immunity boosters might be a good idea, so their health doesn’t suffer due to stress of separation. The routine doesn’t end here. After you return from vacation, you’ll have to take your pet to a veterinarian once more and see if everything is still in order. Some illnesses or easily fixable health issues can sneak in due to the change in routine the pet has gone through while you were away.

When the moment comes
Most of the pets have a sophisticated sense of smell. Leave an old t-shirt or a piece of clothing in their sleeping area so they’ll be comforted by your scent. Buying some delicious treats for your pet is a good daily reward their keeper can treat them with. The most important thing to remember is to keep the goodbye as short as possible. Don’t drag out your departure as it can make your pet feel anxious. The key thing is to make them feel as if you are leaving the house just like any other time. This way, you’ll leave your pet in the most relaxed possible state, considering the circumstances. After all, the reunion isn’t that far off as vacations don’t tend to last months on end.

Leaving is not an option until you make sure every aspect of your pet’s needs is addressed. They are like small children who need constant care and it can be a traumatic experience for the pet to leave your side. By making sure they are properly fed and socialized while you are relaxing on the beach, this experience of separation will have a less detrimental impact on your pet’s psyche. Some people find this ridiculous, but modern science has proven there is such thing as pet depression and that it can be caused by sudden change. Thankfully, vacations take up short amounts of time, so it shouldn’t be too big of a problem.