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Learn to Spend Less on Your Travels


What is the deciding factor behind your travels? If money is the answer, you should start re-thinking the way you travel. Money may be a necessity, but it certainly should not be considered an obstacle keeping you from traveling the way you wish and deserve.
Spending a ton may be the way some people go about their trips, and that’s fine. But, who says you can’t enjoy a memorable travel experience on a budget? By being smart and learning how to spend less on your travels, you can go anywhere and have an amazing time.

Book In Advance
There is no telling what might happen in 6 months, but booking that much in advance saves money. If you are planning a distant destination trip, this is especially useful. Everything from plane tickets to hotel rooms get up to 50% cheaper. You should also consider finding cheap car rental on location, that way you can easily get around in a safe and quality vehicle.

Look for Accommodation Alternatives
One of the main things you will spend your money on during your travels is accommodation. In contrast to a hotel room, renting an apartment with friends is a cheaper and better option. Once you split the price eight ways, the price of your vacation rental can amount to a price of a restaurant meal. Alternatively, you can search for youth hostels. The accent here is on sharing, and not privacy. Still, at less than half the price of a normal hotel room, you will certainly spend less on a place to stay.

‘Free’ Accommodation Alternatives
If you want to run your budget even tighter, staying with a complete stranger is going to be your next move. There are many network-based travel websites that allow people to (among other things) stay with the locals as a guest, or more popularly to “crash on their couch”. In return, all you have to do is return the favor when the time comes. Additionally, when you want a prolonged stay, you can look for a job, with a rent-free apartment. You can work during the day, get a bit of cash, but most importantly, work off your room, without spending a cent.

Save on Food
When it comes to cutting costs, you can always save money on food without skipping on quality. The number one rule of dinning on vacation is: avoid the tourist areas! Every place has its own version of street food, all you have to do is explore the area. Get the insider knowledge by mingling with the locals, and you will soon know all about the best places to grab a bite. Also, wherever there is a crowd/queue take notice! Most of the time it’s a signal for good affordable street food.

Look for Free Tours
Most places you will visit have their own particular landmarks, attractions, or popular activities. After all, that’s probably one of the reasons you travelled there. Still, no one wants to pay for an overpriced ticket. Search for a tourist information office to get the lowdown on the cheapest prices. They may have a day-tour or week-tour tickets that include more for less. Also, when visiting a place for the first time always try to get lost. Not literally, but you can get more in from walking around and exploring the area on your own. All you need is a map, or a phone full of useful travel apps, and your sense of adventure. Cheap, right?

Remember, when it comes to travel less may be more. Follow these simple travel tips and you will always save stay on budget no matter where you go. Remember, when it comes to traveling less may be more – and the more you save, the more you get to travel!