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How to Road Trip with Your Dog: 5 Practical Tips


More and more people are discovering the joy and excitement of a road trip. However, just like you need to prepare yourself for this adventure, it’s essential that you take care of the essentials for your furry pal, if you’re bringing your dog with you. Going on a road trip with your pup is definitely an ideal solution and it’s easy to imagine the fun you’ll have together. Still, a road trip won’t be a simple walk in the park you and your canine friend are used to. In that respect, you may find the following tips extremely helpful.

Bring your dog’s info

You never know what could happen on a road trip. For instance, your dog may run away somewhere and get lost, or it could get sick. With that in mind, it’s essential that you have updated dog tags with your contact info as well as your pet’s vaccination record. Remember, vaccination records are also valid as a phone copy, so there’s no excuse for not bringing them with you.

Make sure your dog is comfy

Even though it may seem tempting, don’t stuff your car with things you don’t really need for this road trip. After all, you don’t want your dog to feel trapped between the seats and the luggage. In this situation, your pet needs to feel as comfortable as possible. Therefore, make sure that it has enough room to relax. Also, even if you don’t think that your dog needs a crate while in the car, you should still bring a collapsible one. Make sure that the crate fits your dog and that it is used to it. That way you will be on the safe side in case you decide to spend some time in a hotel.

Prepare the snacks and water

Just like you get hungry and thirsty, your dog does too. However, you may be able to wait to satisfy your needs. Don’t do that to your dog, though. Make sure that you have snacks and water prepared to give to your pup at all times during the ride. Moreover, the same goes for the bathroom needs. As a pet owner, you should already know when your dog needs to answer nature’s call. You’re on a road trip – there’s no need to rush to your destination before taking care of your pet’s needs first.

Research your destinations

To make things more pleasant for both you and your dog, you should research your road trip destinations before the adventure itself. For example, it would be smart and responsible to check the local dog parks so that your dog can run around freely and stretch its legs after spending a lot of time in the car. Moreover, don’t assume that every place you visit and want to make a stop in is going to be pet-friendly. Check the regulations when it comes to bringing your pet with you so that you can choose the pet-friendly places you can visit together and take care of your pet properly in cases dogs are not allowed.

Stay a responsible owner

Going on a road trip is a very exciting experience, and sharing that experience with your dog is even better. However, the same rules still apply on a road trip just like they do at home. Don’t forget the safe and effective Nexgard treatment that will be the perfect flea protection for your dog. Moreover, under no circumstances should you leave your pup in the car when the weather is hot. Finally, make sure to always pick up after your dog.

If you’re worried that your dog may get restless and nervous while you’re on a road trip, bring its favorite toys with you. Just make sure that the toys are durable so that they can keep your dog occupied effectively.