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How to Make Your Road Trip Unforgettable


‘Tis the season to venture out into the great outdoors with your friends and family and experience the road trip of a lifetime! Especially if the great Australian outback is on your adventure map, as summer is right around the corner there, but a winter road trip anywhere else in the world is a great ideas as well.
An unforgettable road trip has several key ingredients you don’t want to neglect, all of which we’re going to go over today to make your journey as fun, rewarding, and safe as possible. Let’s dive in!

Make a detailed route and plan for stops

If you haven’t set a destination, how do you expect to make a route? Remember, there is nothing that can kill the joy of a road trip as not knowing where you’re headed (no matter how fun winging it might seem at first), so grabbing a map drawing out a route is the first step.
No matter how far you intend to go, you need to plan for every stop along the way, and you’re going to be making plenty of stops to take pictures, stay for the night, or spend an entire day exploring a new, exciting place.
Routes such as the Sydney to Melbourne coastal drive or the Great Ocean Road stretching along the southern coast of Victoria are just some of the greatest road trip routes for travellers in search of adventure. These, like many others, have numerous stops between point A and B, and you want to visit every single one!

Work detours into your plan as well

Just because the road ahead is full of interesting stops doesn’t mean that you won’t be tempted to go off the beaten track and venture further into the unknown. And explore further you should, so working in possible detours into your plan is a great idea to add variety to your itinerary.

Every path leads to a destination and it can be quite difficult sticking to the plan when you encounter a big sign on the road that says “Chocolate Museum” with an arrow pointing left and your plan says you should keep the wheel steady. So don’t hesitate, go after it and see what awaits!

It’s not a road trip without the tunes

A road trip cannot be called unforgettable if you don’t have the most awesome playlist in the world. You need some awesome tunes to make your adventure complete, so you should not only make sure that you have some awesome music gear in the car, but you should also add you favourite music to the playlist well in advance.
You’ll need a good surround system and a powerful Strathfield car radios subwoofer box to enjoy your music in style. And don’t forget to allow individual contributions as well, so as to let everyone enjoy their favourite tunes.

Create a realistic budget

This step is all about being a grown up, so at first the correlation between financial planning and fun might elude you, but once you’re on the road, you’re going to be glad you made the effort. The easiest way to keep track of your finances while on the road and even plan a budget beforehand is to use a travel budgeting app or a guided calculator.
Be sure to work out a daily expenditure limit and try to stick to it. There’s nothing worse than splurging your money the first two days and ending up washing dishes at a local gas station to pay for petrol to reach your destination.

Pack the necessary gear and provisions

Finally, you want to pack all of the necessities and provisions according to the nature, route, and duration of your road trip. To ensure your vehicle is in peak condition, have a mechanic inspect it several days before you leave. Don’t forget to bring plenty of bottled water and healthy snack for those long driving sessions.

Planning an unforgettable road trip is not rocket science, but rather with a little preparation and some sensible decision-making, it can be a fun and rewarding process. Be sure to use these essential tips and you’ll have a great time planning and living out a road trip of a lifetime!