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Exploring the Gold Coast by Car


North America and Australia are practically synonymous with “road trip”. There is something about the vastness of their landscapes and generous openness of English-speaking people that makes the idea of driving across country so appealing. When it comes to the Australian continent, apart from the intriguing expanses of the inland, the most popular region for road trips is definitely the East Coast. If your four wheeler ever brings you to the fair state of Queensland, here’s how you should go about exploring the Gold Coast by car.

Drive around town and end your route on Main Beach

Gold Coast is a true urban playground filled with top-notch restaurants, clubs and theme parks. First, you should probably drive around town after you’ve checked into the hotel to get a true feel of the town and its rhythm. Then you can make a few fun-filled stops, and jump on some blood-pumping rides at Dreamworld. If you are in a special mood for theme parks, you can go to Sea World and swim with the dolphins and seals. It is truly a remarkable experience you will never forget.

You can drive up and down the coastline but make sure to end your urban run with a visit to Main Beach where you can stop for a swim and sunbathing session. The best time to pay it a visit is in the late afternoon when the sun is not that strong and you can truly enjoy the relaxing surroundings and get lost among the upbeat people who have also come for a dip.

Explore Lamington National Park
Incredible rainforests that surround the Gold Coast are listed as the World Heritage site for a good reason. The immense space that stretches out into the gargantuan mountain slopes and endless valleys is truly a sight to behold and a reminder of what the Earth looked like before civilization overtook it.

But before you embark on such a journey make sure your car is in tip top shape considering you’ll be off road and car assistance can take some time to find you. Having a mobile mechanic in the Gold Coast area stop by your garage and give your car a once over might be exactly the type of safety person you needed before you get on your way. Take your time to explore the region and savor its undeniable charms. Take a walk across the iconic O’Reilly’s Tree Top Walkway before you head back into town, or camp out for the evening.

Springbrook National Park

As you are darting around the Gold Coast and its surrounding wild lands, you also have the option to go on a more ambitious adventure and visit Springbrook National Park, which is famous around the world for Cougal Cascades. It might be a longer ride, but it is well worth it.

The lush greenery is absolutely incredible and the mountain slopes covered in trees will absolutely fill you with awe. Take a look at the Natural Bridge that forms over Cave Creek and learn more about Kombumerri people while you are there.

Drive to the Burleigh Head

Of course, you do not have to leave town altogether to enjoy some nature. In fact, on the south end of Gold Coast, you can find a string of conservation areas that are remarkably preserved considering they are surrounded on all sides by civilization. You can start off your road trip for the day by driving along the picturesque coastline along the urban areas.

Avoid driving along the Gold Coast Highway if you can get closer to the coast itself and end your trip at a very specific destination – Burleigh Heads Beach. From there on, you can walk to the Tumgun Lookout, which is on the other side of the overgrown hill known as Burleigh Head National Park. To the west of it, right across the highway, is Burleigh Ridge Park, and then south of it you’ll see Tallebudgera Creek Conservation Park, and so on. This stretch of greenery is like a natural border of the town and it stretches to the forest-laden mountain ranges which connect to the Lamington National Park.

Gold Coast is an amazing urban playground and its hinterland is a diverse landscape filled with breathtaking beauties. It offers a quintessential Australian experience on a relatively small territory, which is very easy to traverse. This way, you will get a flavor of what makes Australia so appealing to globe-trotting travelers. You will certainly become infatuated with the natural beauty and vibrant cityscape.