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Discovering Spain – Top 5 Cities to Visit


Spain is a wondrous country, filled with gorgeous cities and romantic countryside. It is also a great “bridge” as a landmass – it spreads along the coasts of both Mediterranean Sea and the great Atlantic Ocean, and it connects Europe and Africa in many ways. If you ever get a chance to visit this beautiful country, enjoy everything the countryside has to offer, but as you are discovering Spain, make sure you travel through these top 5 cities.

As a showcase or architectural wonders, Barcelona is as eclectic as the cities come – a testament to its long history of seafaring international trade and countless people from every corner of the world who had found home in this amazing city. For a lack of a better description, Barcelona is a colorful patchwork of disparate styles, from Gothic to Modern, that create a surprisingly harmonious mosaic of streets and districts. Do yourself a favor and have a long stroll through Barcelona and stop by one of many Michelin starred restaurants for a delicious meal.

Moorish architecture gives a decidedly different vibe to procession of cities you’re likely to visit in Europe. The capital of Andalusia is an ornate kaleidoscope of stylistic themes that could have easily found their place in a fairy tale. If this is something you can hardly believe, pay a visit to Plaza de Espana, the Cathedral of Saint Mary, the Alcazar and the Jewish District. No matter how seasoned you are when it comes to globetrotting adventures, if you’ve never been to Seville before, it is bound to leave you breathless. Enjoy the scent of orange trees as you enjoy a flamenco performance over the glass of sumptuous wine and indulge your tastes in a tapas bar.

Make the best out of opportune Spain packages to visit the ever-changing city of Madrid, the capital of Spain that lies in the very heart of the country. The landmarks this city has to offer are spectacular and all important historical edifices are well preserved. However, just like any capital city, Madrid is in a constant flux of changes, racing to be on the very razor-edge of the latest trends from around the world. As night clubs, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and museums get updated and new joints spring out of the ashes of the old ones, you’re left with the exciting playground for all who love wild nightlife and restless cityscape. The frantic rhythm of Madrid is intoxicating, but it is not for everyone.

Valencia is your megalomaniac introduction to art nouveau. These elegant buildings give way to modernist architecture and mesh surprisingly well with it. The city is surrounded by endless fertile farmlands filled with juicy orchards which give a decidedly rustic and refreshing fragrance. You can spend an entire day enjoying all the charms of the old quarter as you stroll through its museums and enjoy a delicious cup of coffee in one of its many cafes. Considering the land of the surrounding region is so well utilized, it goes without saying the food in Valencia is out of this world. While you are there, you have to visit La Lonja de la Seda, the Mueso de Bellas Artes and Mercado Cathedrals.

Malaga is a great city that lies ever so close to Gibraltar. Africa has never felt so close to Europe as it does from this culturally rich city. It’s expansive cityscape is dotted with stunning buildings, monuments and significant landmarks. Inspect the remains of a Roman amphitheater (yes, the empire spread its influence this far) and a millennium old castle Gibralfaro only to get a gist of the surprises this incredible city has to offer. Calle Marques de Larios is a must for all newcomers for its mix of captivating facades and bustling shops.

Travelers from around the world make their way to Spain and begin their enchanting road trip through the country, filled with laughs, incredible food, wine and contemplation. You will feel like a true Mediterranean bohemian as you walk through the streets of these beautiful cities, so make sure you and your companions arm yourselves with good mood and resplendent energy.