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3 Most Exciting Ways to Explore Vietnam


The life becomes exciting when we break out of routines. Vacation adventures become stale when we get into the habit of visiting the same destinations and follow the same itineraries. This is a trap a lot of people fall into without noticing. If you want to break the mold, embark on an epic escapade through the emerging tourist country that shows a world of promise! Head to the lush and vibrant southeastern corner of Indochina and consider 3 of the most exciting ways to explore Vietnam!

Motorbike voyage

It’s no secret that Vietnam has one of the most enchanting coastlines in the world. While a motorcycle journey along the endless procession of beaches, lush islands, and alluring lagoons is an exquisite experience, you should not underestimate the sheer amount of unexplored hotspots further inland. Up until very recently, it has been quite difficult to travel around the country due to poorly developed road infrastructure. The best you could hope for is to climb up and down muddy dirt roads, and the only way to do it was by jumping into a 4x4.
However, what’s an exciting adventure without a challenge? While the roadways and tarmacs have been upgraded, nothing beats hopping onto a durable motorcycle that can conquer any peak. Don a helmet and fill your backpack with water and protein bars before you rent the Xr 150 for a Vietnam motorbike voyage that will challenge you in the best of ways. Don’t be afraid to ride beyond the beaten path. The best months to roll out are between May and August, especially in Northern Vietnam that tends to get chilly December through March. It doesn’t really matter what sort of driver’s license you own if the police pulls you over. Just remove the keys out of the bike immediately and put them in your pocket. You can thank us later…

Foodie escapade

If you are a food aficionado, you will fall in love with Vietnam! The cuisine of this corner of the world is absolutely fascinating. From the renowned Vietnamese steamboat to decadent steam rolls, the spicy kitchen of this country is a bona fide hedonist magnet. No matter where you are – Mekong Delta, Hanoi, Minh City or Halong Bay – the leitmotif of attractive food stalls and restaurants is ever-present. For the ultimate gastronomic fairytale experience, savor one of the Vietnamese traditional meals on boat-restaurants. If you want to go beyond food adventuring and dabble in the local cooking pots and cauldrons, you can easily find cooking classes open for people from every corner of the world.

Backpacking adventure
If you want to cover both the north and the southern regions of Vietnam during your backpacking adventure, you should definitely make arrangements for a three-week vacation. This is simply the only way to tour the highlights at a comfortable pace. Start your trip in the capital of Hanoi, in the northern inland region, and work your way to Sapa in order to enjoy the countryside. The next stop on your backpacking adventure is Halong Bay, which is roughly 340 kilometers away from Sapa district. You should probably find the convenient ride to Halong Bay before you continue your trip (don’t worry, it’s not cheating).
Proceed along the coastline southward – this is where the adventure gets really exciting. On your way to Da Nang, you will come across some incredible beaches and hidden lagoons, which means that the time has come for long and enchanting swimming sessions in the South China Sea. The city of Nha Trang is a true aquatic wonderland for windsurfers and jet-skiers if you’ve gotten the taste for it. Your endpoint is the legendary city of Saigon, the hectic city with an incredible vibe.

In many ways, this easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula is a perfectly balanced mixture of delights for avid travelers that yearn to be surprised. Its coastline is staggeringly long and drop-dead gorgeous, the nightlife pulsates with unrelenting vigor and the lush nature simmers with the untamed demeanor and endless potential for adrenaline-seeking adventurers. It’s one of the most exciting countries you can visit right now, and you will be hooked as soon as you arrive.