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10 Ultimate Australian Destinations for Kids


Australia is a vibrant continent and, in a way, beautiful playground filled with interesting things to see and do. Its wild and diverse topography is a patchwork of jaw-dropping vistas and its cities are cutting-edge urbanities with solid infrastructure and immense potential. This is probably the keyword when it comes to Australia – the potential – it is a promised land to many people and a young country with a lot of vigor. This is why it is also an amazing tourist destination to visit with your kids. If you are eager to conquer the Land Down Under with your young ones, here are the 10 ultimate Australian destinations for kids!

Gold Coast
Are you thinking about visiting a singular destination in Australia with your kids? Then look no further than Gold Coast, which is an epitome of a playground for children and adults alike. This incredibly vivacious city, which rests on the edge of the Pacific, looks onwards towards the morning horizon, and there is a beautiful metaphor in this – it is a city that always looks to the future, to the better tomorrow. It boasts some of the most incredible aqua parks in the world - Sea World, Wet’n’Wild and WhiteWater World, as well as Dreamworld Movie World. With so many worlds in a single location, how can one be bored?

Tasmania is its own house of wonders – an incredible assembly of natural sites with untouched biomes and captivating endemic creatures your children will definitely be impressed with. Tasmanian devil is pièce de résistance you’d want to show them, and a charming capital of Hobart is a gorgeous port city that preserved its Victorian Gothic architecture and which has many venues that can be of interest to children.

What’s a childhood without a mesmerizing sense of mystery? Children tend to be captivated by the intriguing historical sites and epic vistas that have interesting stories behind them. Deep in the wild and arid heart of the Australian bush lies Uluru – the mesmerizing, gigantic rock that is drenched in magical atmosphere of the times long past. Your kids will definitely enjoy staying in local bungalows as they listen to the stories of the natives who have considered this location sacred for thousands of years.

Great Barrier Reef
If you want to impress your kids with something even most adults could have never imagined, head to Cairns and hop on a boat with a see-through glass floor that will take you to the unbelievable underwater slopes of the Great Barrier Reef. The pristine water and the immense kaleidoscope of aquatic wonders, which comprises of colorful flora and fauna, is definitely something you will all remember ‘till the end of your days.

Australian continent is brimming with irresistibly charming small towns which are bona fide bucolic paradises. The quaint town of Timboon, in the fair state of Victoria, is one of these towns and it is renowned for its rustic appeal and hinterland quality. With a population of slightly over 1,200 residents, it is truly a getaway spot where you can enjoy biking with your kids. In spite of its small size, the town is renowned for lively tourism and it boasts a wonderful Ice Cream Store where you can have a refreshing delicacy after several hours of intense biking through nature. It’s an award your kids will be ever so grateful for.

Still, if you want to take a tour of the exemplary urban destination with your kids, head straight to Australia’s capital, Canberra. The city’s layout is truly something to marvel at, as it has been carefully planned before the building stage began. Greek and Roman ancient cities and their extensive avenues and impressive buildings served as an inspiration. The result is a beautiful city with echoes of neoclassicism and an ordered infrastructure, the city which is very safe for children and which has many landmarks and surrounding natural hotspots which should be visited during your stay.

Perth’s coast
If you are visiting Australia with your kids between September and November, make sure to stop by Perth. The city is very nice and it boasts some incredible beaches where your children can mingle with their peers. However, this is not the main reason you should come here. During these several months, you can rent a ferry and venture out into the sea for some spectacular whale watching.

Kangaroo island
Everything you need to know about why you have to take kids to this location is already in its name. Head to the city of Adelaide and take a short ferry ride to the Kangaroo island, where your kids are bound to become giddy with excitement as they get a chance to witness real-life kangaroos. As most children are exposed to the concept of kangaroo through numerous cartoons before they reach the age of 6, this is bound to be a special treat indeed.

Mt Kosciuszko
After all these tropical locations and desert landscapes, your children cannot be blamed for thinking Australia is all about hot climate. Defy their expectations and surprise them with a trip to Mt Kosciuszko for a refreshing wintery holiday where both you and your children can ski to your heart’s content. Since the seasons are inverted on the southern hemisphere, the peak of the winter season stretches between June and August.

Darling Harbour
Sydney is a city with thousand faces and it can offer a bit of something for everyone. Still, if you want a captivating, focused experience for your children, take them to Darling Harbour in the heart of central business district. This charming dock area has numerous wonderful restaurants where your kids can enjoy some adventurous meals and delicious desserts. Then you can take them to Madame Tussauds, the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium and Sydney Zoo. At the end of the day, you can enjoy a bit of shopping in the amazing mall on the western side of the docks, right across the pedestrian Pyrmont Bridge.

Going on a prolonged trip to the heart of Australian continent and its many attractions is an adventure in and of itself, but embarking on this journey with your own children is a defining experience for all of you. It will give you a chance to establish a more intimate rapport with your kids in a different environment and get to know them better. For them, traveling to a far distant corner of the world and becoming aware of the ethnic, cultural and topographic diversity that awaits in the world is as formative of an experience as one can get. This is why Australia is a perfect destination for a family vacation.