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Best Hotspots for Surfing Around the UK


Surf’s up! Well, it will be hopefully, and if you are looking for the best waves in the UK, along with many others, then you don’t always have to head south. While it is true that Devon and Cornwall do boast some incredible beaches with excellent waves, there are plenty of other locations that you can head to. Whether you are relatively new to surfing, or a seasoned pro here is our pick of the best hotspots for surfing around the UK. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your board and your wetsuit, don’t forget your surf towel and get out there to enjoy the best surfing hotspots the UK has to offer. 

Newquay, Cornwall

No list of surfing spots in the UK is complete without at least a mention of Newquay. Considered by many to be the spiritual centre of the surf scene in the UK. Newquay has a few fantastic locations that have to be on anyone’s list. One of the most famous stretches of sandy beach in the British Isles, Fistral beach is a definite must visit. With exposure to Atlantic swells, this west-facing beach can get crowded at times. It also hosts to numerous international competitions and with waves, all years round it is wise to plan your trip carefully to avoid disappointment. 

On the other side of Newquay is Crantock, which offers a fantastic longboard wave that is also worth a visit. 

Cayton Bay, North Yorkshire

If you fancy a beach that should be a little less crowded, then head up North to Yorkshire. Cayton Bay is just south of Scarborough and is a great location for year-round surfing. For more experienced surfers the Point is the place to be, for fast waves try Pump House and for world-class A-frame peaks then don’t miss Bunkers. Further up the coast, you will also find Saltburn in Cleveland where you will find mellow beach breaks either side of the pier. 

Gower Reefs, South Wales

Llangennith is one of the most famous beaches in Wales, and rightly so. The gateway to the Gower Reefs this is a beautiful dune-backed expanse of beach. With breaks along its three-mile length this is a very popular spot but be warned in order to get to the best waves you will have to paddle out a fair way, minding the notorious rips as you go. Llangennith is a lifeguarded beach suitable for everyone, but more experienced suffers might prefer Mewslade Bay and its rocky coves which can be found to the south.

Pease Bay, Scottish Borders

The Scottish surfing scene is growing rapidly, and it isn’t hard to see why with beaches like Pease Bay – the centre of the Scottish surf scene. This is one of the most popular breaks in Scotland, good beach breaks and for the more experienced surfer a more challenging reef for even better wave riders. Of course, the waters here might be a little colder than elsewhere, but the surf makes it all worthwhile.

Hell’s Mouth (Porth Neigwl), Gwynedd, North Wales

With a name like Hell’s Mouth, you can expect big things from this hotspot. On a good swell, this impressive four-mile-long beach has peaks along its length. However, the best waves are more likely to be found at the south-east end of the bay, under the cliffs – this area will get crowded when there are good swells. Be warned, though. At the first hint of a swell, access to the beach can become congested with cars lining the road, but if you are happy to walk a good distance down the beach, you should be able to avoid much of this.

Spoilt for choice? Why not make a list of the spots you want to try and challenge yourself to fit them all in this year?